About ANSA


While many of the Southern Africa countries have enjoyed positive growth figures over the past three decades, much of this growth has been erratic, Jobless Growth, ruthless, voiceless, rootless and futureless. IMF and World Bank policies under structural adjustment policies have fallen far short from the expectations that were built at their design and implementation. These drastic negative impacts have been further exacerbated by the current global economic, financial, food and climate crises. These crises also serve as indicators to the failure of neo-liberalism to result in human centred growth and development. It is now generally agreed that the neo-liberal paradigm has failed the people. Poverty has not only been entrenched buts has also deepened. There has been much talk about an alternative paradigm, but for a long time no action has been taken to develop such an initiative. It is against this backdrop that the Alternatives to Neo-liberalism in Southern Africa initiative (ANSA) was founded in 2003. This reading covers two aspects: first, it looks at the proposed alternative development paradigm or framework that responds to the quest for alternatives in Southern Africa and then secondly, the ANSA strategies for ensuring that this alternative paradigm taken across Southern Africa and beyond:

An alternative development paradigm

Globalisation is presented today as something from which one cannot escape. It is compared to gravity and to resist it, is seen as going against the grain. If one was to accept this, then of course ANSA has no basis. Fortunately, there is nothing inexorable or inevitable about globalisation, as ANSA argues, globalisation is a policy response of the capitalist nations in crisis with beginnings that go back to the mid- 1970s. It is a self serving myth A human rights based approachperpetuated by the Empire (imperial nations) through systematic media disinformation and fatuous academic discourse. It then follows that there must be an alternative. A new vision, a new refinance, knocks at the door of Africa