Things to Entertain Kids During Road Trip

“Are we there yet?” a favorite catchphrase that’s all too familiar for parents out there. These lines are the kid’s favorite when stuck on a trip with you.

Hauling kids into a road trip is not as easy as 1-2-3. The thought alone can scare most parents to take on the challenge of driving on the road with squirming toddlers in the back seat. The preparation itself is as daunting as preparing the battle zone. Too often, you find yourself packing 5x as much as what you usually pack if it’s an all-adult trip. Whether it will be harmonious or chaotic will depend on your preparation. This makes driving with the kids immensely interesting — a story with a lot of twists and turns.

However, road trips like this can prove to be the most memorable ones. Here are five things to entertain kids during a road trip.

1. Bring snacks

A no-brainer way to pacify kids at the backseat. Bring snacks and tons of them because the last you need to hear is kids screaming that they are hungry. Pack your kid’s favorite snack, have the healthier option too as much as possible. Shun away from chocolate to avoid sugar rush and to keep them from jumping around or wiggling at the back. Be warned though not to bring snacks all at once. Otherwise, you might find yourself with an empty basket halfway through your destination.

2. Play some games

To make your trip fun for everyone, create interactive games such as I spy, spelling me or guessing games. Start the game but let them continue with it. Let their creative juices flow and watch how things go. Who knows they might concoct their own game from out of the blue.

3. Books

Bring their favorite books and new ones too. Especially if you wanted those downtimes. Kids love books with visuals or pictures. It would be great if you can bring books that tell about the place where you are headed. Have your kids imagine the story unfold outside of the car and into the vast field. It is a fun twist to the normal storytelling activity at home.

4. Activity binder

Print several activities such as coloring pictures, scavenger hunt, word games, etc. Packed them all including pens and crayons to keep them busy.

5. Tablet and Mobile Phone

It does not hurt to have some screen time for the kids. Use this as a last resort when all things fail and you are screaming for some peace. Make sure to save their favorite videos or songs ahead of time to avoid interruption.

Lastly, have fun. This is an opportunity to bond with the family. The last thing we want is to regret this moment. Make each moment count.

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